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Launched in 2015, Heart for Dixie is a community of creative folks from all over the American South. HFD is a growing group of southern-born or southern-bred artists and entrepreneurs who love the South of today. If you love southern food, southern music and football on Saturday, you’ll feel right at home here.

You’ll find a series on fashion, stories passed down from generation to generation, photography from back roads and whistle stops and great recipes all from a place called Dixie.

Did somebody say ‘southern’? This site is a place where romanticism and sarcasm go hand in hand, family ties run deep, faith is a verb and football is the religion. Artists from every genre who have their roots grounded in Southern soil, will be featured here on HFD. Southern pride spreads far and wide.

You see, this site was born out of that pride. After a visit to Oregon where a conversation about my Alabama roots led to the discussion of police dogs, fire hoses and marches that took place a half a century ago, I felt compelled to do my part to change the world’s perception of my beloved South. Although, the events of the civil rights era are historical fact and an atrocity I am NOT proud of; the South is a radically different place today and I want to use this blog to showcase the beauty of it’s people and landscape. After all, Mr. Oregon Man, I was barely 5 years old when those things happened.

In case you were wondering, this isn’t my first trip to the blogger’s rodeo. You can see my work over at CoziNest where I’ve been featured on Alabama Women Bloggers, #SoMe2 Social Media Network, BlogHer and had guest bloggers like Javacia Harris BowserDebbie Phillips Hughett and Rhoda Vickers featured on my blog.

If you are a newcomer, a good place to start is with the interview with Jeff Cook of the super-country-music group, Alabama.

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