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Wishing and Wanting

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“Momma, I want this outfit sooooooooo-0oooo bad,” I exclaimed on a shopping trip at about the age of 13. We were shopping for new school clothes, but not in our usual stores. We happened into Aland’s, a boutique shop in Eastwood Mall, of Birmingham, AL.  I knew the second we opened the door that this… Read More About This!

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Wine and Waterproof Mascara

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I read a little quip recently that said, “All things are possible with coffee and mascara!”  I decided to update it a little. “Southern life is easier with a little wine and waterproof mascara!” With summer fast approaching, you just never know when you might need to enjoy a glass of sangria near a body of… Read More About This!


Happy Valentine’s Day

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 Happy Valentine’s Day from Heart for Dixie So are you staying in for a romantic dinner at home or going out on the town? Regardless, here is an idea from Polyvore. A little pink, a little candlelight, fragrant flowers and a tulle skirt, will make you feel like a prima donna on this Valentine’s night… Read More About This!


Make Your Valentine’s Dreams Happen

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Dresses are red, my pumps are black. Pearls go with everything, especially an after-dinner cognac. Southern gentleman are the dream. A simple ensemble that includes a red dress and pearls say classy like nothing else. Order a cognac after dinner, let your thoughts and conversation drift toward the south. It’s where southern women can talk football in heels or the… Read More About This!