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Relationships and Frank Stitt

Word of the Year

I chose “relationships” as my word for 2016. Relationships are mysterious and as such require inspection, query and objectivity. In my first post of 2016, I spill the beans about a relationship that has been undisclosed until today. It involves Frank Stitt.

Oak Hill Fried Green Tomatoes

Best Fried Green Tomatoes in Birmingham

We happened upon the best fried green tomatoes in Birmingham by accident. With a name like Oak Hill Bar and Grill, who would ever guess that there’s a southern secret being whispered among patrons on the curve in Homewood. My parents and I were out for our monthly road trip throughout the great state of Alabama and stopped in to Oak Hill simply because it was next door to our favorite coffee shop.

Best Fried Green Tomatoes in Birmingham


The Best Way to Serve Creole Cuisine

Ye Olde College Inn: New Orleans, LA

“The south has a smile! It’s not just a location, it’s a state of mind. We shake a man’s hand and kiss a lady hello!” (Even if they’re drippin in gravy!) ~ Johnny Blancher

Johnny Blancher, CEO and chef of Ye Old College Inn in New Orleans, LA knows a little bit about southern cooking. Just as importantly, he knows the best way to serve creole cuisine.  He grew up in the restaurant business. His father has owned the ever popular, Rock ‘n’ Bowl on South Carrollton since the early 90’s. In 2003, his family purchased the College Inn property and continued a long tradition of old and new menus that date back to the end of prohibition.

The Best Way to Serve Creole Cuisine

Johnny Blancher, Chef


Formerly owned by the Rufin brothers, Emile, Denis Jr. and Albert, Ye Olde College Inn originally operated as a drive-in, beginning as far back as 1933.  It has stood the test of time and has remained a landmark for over 80 years now. Lots of memories were made in the “oyster shell parking lot during the car-hop days where romances were kindled behind foggy windows” of cars.  Johnny shared this memory with me,