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Pride in My Grits

Who knew that grits were a healthy grain? I’ve cut down on carbs lately, so grits were on the “avoid” list until last Thursday. My sweet friend, Beth and I took a field trip to Wilsonville, AL to tour the grist mill owned and operated by McEwen & Sons. Why? Because like most southerners, I take pride in my grits and I want to prepare the freshest and healthiest possible. With a little research I discovered that Birmingham chefs like Frank Stitt, Chris Hastings and Clifton Holt serve McEwen & Sons Grits in their restaurants; so I scheduled an afternoon at Coosa Valley Milling & Hardware.

Meatloaf Soup

The first year of my marriage, I was very excited to prove my abilities in the kitchen to my new husband. As such, I brought many of my mama’s and my husband’s mom and grandmother’s recipes with us to Auburn, AL., where we were still in school. One of the first I decided to try was Mama’s Meatloaf.