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Mercy, Incognito

On this "Thoughtful Thursday," I'd like to share a few wise words from Solomon. In...

Listen, He Speaks

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that there were times when the depression was almost unbearable. She is on her medication, she is praying, she is seeking ways to overcome. 

The Neon Life

My precious niece is leading a Discipleship Now retreat this weekend and the theme is “The Neon Life.” She asked several of our family members to send her a story of how we have experienced the light of Christ in our own lives.

Forgiving Your Abuser

February is the month of love and with it comes thoughts of warmth and thoughts of cold. Warm fires, warm hearts filled with love on special date nights are the things we think of first in February. But for some, there are cold memories that bring up pure hatred of abusers they may be living with now; or perhaps they are haunted by the memory of wicked acts performed against them in their past. Valentine’s Day can be a dreaded holiday or a favorite holiday. Allow me to introduce you to a strong, heroic woman who has learned that forgiving your abuser(s) helps to set you free.

How to Love Difficult People

Down here in the heart of Dixie where our family and friendship roots run deep, you’d never dream that we sometimes have trouble getting along with each other. Forgetting the Hatfield clan with a patriarch by the name of “Devil Anse;” for the most part we are a civil society. Still, we do encounter people from time to time who are just hard to love. So how can we mind our manners and learn to love difficult people?

Bringing Home the Yule Log

Bringing home the yule log in certain European countries involves picking a special “block” of wood to burn on Christmas Eve. The Yule Log that I am referring to will be consumed, but hopefully, never burned. When my kids were little, our traditional Christmas meal dessert was a yule log cake.

Yada, Yada, Yada

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Seinfeld’s episode called “The Yada, Yada,” but did you know that yada in Hebrew means to ascertain by seeing. Today’s post is all about the yada, yada, yada from Psalm 139:23: