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Getting Your Financial House in Order for 2016

In keeping with my word of the year, “relationships,” January has been the month to focus on our relationship with money. I’ve covered the question of who and how much to tip, and discussed the topic of greed in the movie, The Big Short. Now a more personal question arises, do I have goals in place for 2016 that include a financial checkup?

How to Take the Headache Out of Tipping

Mr. Dixie and I love to eat out. For the longest time, we had a favorite restaurant and with it, a favorite waitress. Her name was Anna and we loved her for many reasons. She was, of course, a great waitress, always getting our food and drinks in the most timely manner; but more than that, we loved Anna because she was engaging, funny and always remembered our names.

The Big Short is About Greed

Don’t think for a second that I am any kind of financial wizard that can break down all the details of the bubble-busting financial crisis of the mid-2000’s. I actually fell asleep in the movie, The Big Short for just a few minutes, so I am no help in deciphering mortgage deals.