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Plan a Mother-Daughter Trip to Nashville

Plan a Mother-Daughter Trip to Nashville thumbnail

I received a very sweet gift for Mother’s Day from my daughter. She planned a trip to Nashville for the two of us on her two off days and… off we went. A Pun-Filled Trip This trip was priceless. We laughed, we learned and we lounged. We had a pun time together. Yep, it was… Read More About This!


Here’s a Fun Way to Organize Vacation Photos

Here’s a Fun Way to Organize Vacation Photos thumbnail

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked 007 the following question: “Hey hon, do you remember what year it was that we vacationed on Topsail Island with your brother? Or when did we go to Charleston the first time? What was the name of that theme park we visited in Charlotte?” A Fun… Read More About This!


Here’s a Quick Cure for a Boring Backyard

Here’s a Quick Cure for a Boring Backyard thumbnail

Our bland and lifeless backyard was beginning to get on my last nerve. We didn’t have the funds to spend $1,000’s on an outdoor kitchen or terraces or even new furniture. I wanted color, but I had one major obstacle. The colors and plants that I adore are also loved and adored by the deer… Read More About This!


Fairhope, My Adopted Hometown

Fairhope, My Adopted Hometown thumbnail

Sometime around 1993 I accompanied my husband to a work conference at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL. My son was about 8 years old and my daughter only one. I had the rare opportunity of traveling with J while the kids got a little bonding time with their Granna.  We had a wonderful time… Read More About This!


Welcome to Our Porch

Welcome to Our Porch thumbnail

Some of my fondest childhood memories include long talks on my Nanny’s front porch. My cousins and I would swing and tell jokes, rock in the rocking chairs and sometimes eat homemade ice cream on our birthdays. Such sweet times. It was with that in mind, that I decided to update our small front porch to… Read More About This!