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Wishing and Wanting

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“Momma, I want this outfit sooooooooo-0oooo bad,” I exclaimed on a shopping trip at about the age of 13. We were shopping for new school clothes, but not in our usual stores. We happened into Aland’s, a boutique shop in Eastwood Mall, of Birmingham, AL.  I knew the second we opened the door that this… Read More About This!

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Fairhope, My Adopted Hometown

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Sometime around 1993 I accompanied my husband to a work conference at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL. My son was about 8 years old and my daughter only one. I had the rare opportunity of traveling with J while the kids got a little bonding time with their Granna.  We had a wonderful time… Read More About This!


Welcome to Our Porch

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Some of my fondest childhood memories include long talks on my Nanny’s front porch. My cousins and I would swing and tell jokes, rock in the rocking chairs and sometimes eat homemade ice cream on our birthdays. Such sweet times. It was with that in mind, that I decided to update our small front porch to… Read More About This!


A Peek inside the House and Garden Tours of Charleston

A Peek inside the House and Garden Tours of Charleston thumbnail

While in Charleston, SC recently, J and I were invited into the private homes of several residents. Well…. sort of. We purchased tickets to the Historic Charleston Foundation’s House and Garden Tour. Our tickets provided us entry into several homes where we were privileged to meet some of the owners. We were not permitted to… Read More About This!


Pitchin’ a Hissy Fit

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I’ve heard the phrase “hissy fit” all of my life. Most of the time, I’ve heard it used to refer to a woman who has an unreasonable temper tantrum. It’s also said here in the south that a woman doesn’t “have” a hissy fit, but she pitches or throws one. You will also hear southerners say, “there’s no need… Read More About This!

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Forgiving Your Abuser

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February is the month of love and with it comes thoughts of warmth and thoughts of cold. Warm fires, warm hearts filled with love on special date nights are the things we think of first in February. But for some, there are cold memories that bring up pure hatred of abusers they may be living with now; or… Read More About This!

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29 Days of Loving Your Spouse

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My word of the year for 2016 is “relationships” and I have chosen a particular relationship to focus on each month. February is the month of love, so this month, I am focusing on my relationship with my husband. As I began to prepare for 29 days of loving my, spouse, I discovered something great… Read More About This!


How to Revive the Art of Storytelling

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I have always loved a good story. My favorite question in the world asks, “Did you hear the one about…?” Southerners have been visiting with each other and telling tales since before fans were blowing over blocks of ice to keep us cool in the summer. We enjoy visiting at weddings, funerals, football games, in… Read More About This!