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Posting Letters

Posting letters. I love the sound of those two words. It sounds so much more English than “mailing a letter.” I’m a romantic at heart and I love the thought of a postman carrying a satchel filled with postcards from all over the world. It’s sweet to see a package marked fragile hanging out of a mailbox and imagine how excited the homeowner is when they collect their mail at the of the day.

No Junk Mail

Whether that day is rainy or sunny, the goal of the post office is keeping us in touch with one another. We’ve come a long way in the US since the “running pony” delivered to the early colonies. There was no need for zip codes, junk mail didn’t exist and surely Ben Franklin could have kept Hillary’s “mail” secure.

The Value of a Handwritten Note

Emily Dickinson once wrote something that describes the value of a handwritten note:

Sunset in a Cup

When was the last time you received a handwritten note?

Are you like me and felt someone had brought you the sunset in a cup? Did you want to leap like new morning and thank the weaver of the “breadths of blue”?

How to RSVP the Southern Way

The good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I will be there! Here in the south, it is part of our heritage to tend to our manners, and that includes responding to invitations. It is simple, takes less than 5 minutes and shows our friends that we care about their get-together. There are only 3 things to remember when you RSVP to a party the southern way.

Pitchin’ a Hissy Fit

I’ve heard the phrase “hissy fit” all of my life. Most of the time, I’ve heard it used to refer to a woman who has an unreasonable temper tantrum. It’s also said here in the south that a woman doesn’t “have” a hissy fit, but she pitches or throws one.

A Gentleman Doesn’t Cuss His Date in Public

J and I went to dinner tonight at the #2 restaurant on TripAdvisor’s list of restaurants in Fairhope, AL. We ordered a glass of wine and some eggplant fries and waited for our meal to arrive. This is a favorite place of ours, but we’d not been there in a long time. We were looking across the table into each other’s eyes talking about an exciting family event that is coming up the last weekend in March. We were planning meals we’d prepare, places to visit and where we would take our family out to dinner. It was a really nice date night. And then he sat down…

How to Love Difficult People

Down here in the heart of Dixie where our family and friendship roots run deep, you’d never dream that we sometimes have trouble getting along with each other. Forgetting the Hatfield clan with a patriarch by the name of “Devil Anse;” for the most part we are a civil society. Still, we do encounter people from time to time who are just hard to love. So how can we mind our manners and learn to love difficult people?

How to Take the Headache Out of Tipping

Mr. Dixie and I love to eat out. For the longest time, we had a favorite restaurant and with it, a favorite waitress. Her name was Anna and we loved her for many reasons. She was, of course, a great waitress, always getting our food and drinks in the most timely manner; but more than that, we loved Anna because she was engaging, funny and always remembered our names.

Yes Ma’am and No Sir

You can tell immediately when a child or young adult was raised in a southern home. To answer an adult with either “yes ma’am” or “no sir” demonstrates respect for authority and elders.