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I Got to Hold Chewbacca!

I am not lazy. But, I did go slothing last weekend.

I am a bit slow and very laid back. But, I’ve never hung upside down for hours.

Regardless, I’ve joked for years that a sloth is my spirit animal. I’ve not taken any quiz or test to confirm this, it is just what I’ve said for as long as I can remember.

New Orleans, The South’s Haunted City

This article was featured on The Dedicated House on Make it Pretty Monday! Thanks, Kathryn!

I’m a bit spooked by New Orleans. Spirits loiter there. As a visitor strolling Royal, Bourbon or Decatur streets, I usually feel a bit uneasy in the Big Easy. I am not a fan of Bourbon Street and have had the impression that all New Orleans is like that one street. But, I was SO WRONG! Here’s the peaceful, serene side of the haunted city.

Here’s a Fun Way to Organize Vacation Photos

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked 007 the following question:

“Hey hon, do you remember what year it was that we vacationed on Topsail Island with your brother? Or when did we go to Charleston the first time? What was the name of that theme park we visited in Charlotte?”

A Fun Way to Organize Vacation Photos

A True Southern Gentleman is Never the Victim

A True Southern Gentleman

A true southern gentleman possesses several qualities. He is well-mannered, has a firm handshake and a great sense of humor. He is friendly, doesn’t use profanity in the presence of a lady and knows how to make those around him feel special. And he is never the victim. Add to this the ability to bring life to a blank canvas and you have just been introduced to John Witzel Walters.