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How to RSVP the Southern Way

The good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I will be there! Here in the south, it is part of our heritage to tend to our manners, and that includes responding to invitations. It is simple, takes less than 5 minutes and shows our friends that we care about their get-together. There are only 3 things to remember when you RSVP to a party the southern way.

How to RSVP the southern way.

Three Simple Rules to the RSVP

  1. Don’t lollygag around with your reply.
  2. KISS – Keep it simple and sweet.
  3. Bless their heart.

Don’t Lollygag

Invitations come in multiple ways nowadays and can be answered by regular mail, email, text or a phone call. So put yo big-girl panties on and deal with it pronto.  Responding within a few days after receiving the request is essential for two reasons:

  1. Yo mama didn’t raise no fool and you know folks need to know how much sweet tea to fix, and…
  2. It will help you remember what in the Sam Hill you are doing. Put it on the calendar.

Whether the event is a grand affair like a wedding or a voicemail inviting you for moonshine in a mason jar, your friend wants to sit a spell with you and will be planning accordingly. How much and what type of food to serve, reserved seating at a restaurant and/or travel accommodations are just a few of the reasons it is important to answer lickety split.

KISS – Keep it Simple and Sweet

Regardless of the fact that you may not have seen your friend in a coon’s age, or you think they just ain’t right, kill ’em with kindness and be brief about it.

“Thank ya kindly for thinkin’ of me and yes ma’am, I will be there,” or…

“Dadgummit, when the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there, but I cannot attend the party on (date.) I know it will be great fun! I’m disappointed to miss, but I have other plans.

Bless Their Heart

There are those who have tried to hijacked the southern “bless your heart,” and imply that it means something sinister. Yes, it can be used in sarcasm, but it is mostly a genuine wish for well-being. So, as you finish your RSVP, be sure to add a blessing. Something like, “Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah!” Or, “May God bless your marriage!” If you’re feeling sarcastic, you can add “Bless your heart, I hope someone shows up!” [Just kidding!]

Do these three things and as your friends count their blessings, your name will be on their list.

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  • Jenna May 10, 2016, 5:29 pm

    Ha! Rsvp-ing seems to be a dying art, we need to round up a bunch of good ole Southern mamas to teach the y’uns some manners!

    • Kim Burdette Kim Burdette May 17, 2016, 9:38 am

      You are so right! It’s an art that needs to be thought of as retro and then maybe it would be vogue again! Ha ha!

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