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Meatloaf Soup

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The first year of my marriage, I was very excited to prove my abilities in the kitchen to my new husband. As such, I brought many of my mama’s and my husband’s mom and grandmother’s recipes with us to Auburn, AL., where we were still in school. One of the first I decided to try was… Read More About This!


Baby Bloomin’ Onions

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One of our favorite appetizers is the “Bloomin’ Onion” from Outback. I was so excited when I found this recipe on Spoon Fork Bacon. The baby size onions make a great option for an appetizer night at home. I have to warn you. These pictures are graphic and for adult cooks only. In other words… I… Read More About This!

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Hush Puppy!

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There are many stories about how the hush puppy came into being. These delicious, fried cornmeal balls have been served in the south for centuries, but their origin is unconfirmed. Hush Puppy Origin Some say they were created by a group of nuns in New Orleans, who had come over from France. Others say that… Read More About This!

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Fruitcake or Doorstop? How Do You Describe It?

Fruitcake or Doorstop? How Do You Describe It? thumbnail

I did a brief survey on Facebook, asking my friends what their first thought was about fruitcake. One in particular described it as a “brick-like-thing,” which made me laugh out loud. So, how do you describe fruitcake? Is it a dessert or a doorstop? The response on Facebook was almost unanimous. “YUCK!”  But then, there… Read More About This!