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When you purchase something from Heart for Dixie, you are bringing a bit of southern roots and a whole lot of love into your home.

We’ve sifted through the old days and found a piece of pride, timeless and elaborately crafted for that perfect place in your home. Our love for antiques began with the acquisition of a small, French secretary. The feminine lines of the piece brought visions of a Victorian Era lady composing her early morning letters, with her skirts flowing beneath the desk. Since that first purchase, each treasure is treated as a traveler passing through time, worthy of bringing joy and breathing life into another story… your story. Excellent craftsmanship is timeless. Furnishings last for decades and in some cases, even centuries. Our commitment to you is this: In this ever-increasingly disposable age, we will continue to search the landscape for valuable pieces that you can cherish, even if it’s just for a little while.

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In this ever-increasingly disposable age, we will continue to search the landscape for valuable pieces that you can cherish, even if it’s just for a little while.

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Running Late to a Funeral
I know you’ve heard the saying and may have even said this about me, ahem, cough, cough;  “She’ll be late to her own funeral!” There are those of us who, try as they might, still run late to social obligations. But, what about our own...
Back in Baby’s Arms, My Return to Country Music
I recently went on a trip to Nashville, TN. It is a city filled with neon signs, batman buildings and rich history. The outlying towns of Franklin and Spring Hill are magical and if their town clocks could talk, I’m sure they would have enough...
Yard of the Month
The prestigious award of  “Yard of the Month” is usually reserved for a gorgeous landscape belonging to the resident of a neighborhood. This “Yard of the Month,”  however goes to a new favorite restaurant in the “Magic City” of Birmingham, AL. The Yard of the Month...
Love You a Bushel and a Peck
Since, faith is a huge part of southern life, (being part of the Bible Belt and all), I thought I would share a little of mine with you on occasion. Daily Devotion I use an acronym in my daily devotion to study the WORD. The...
A Southerner’s School Pep Talk
Back in my day, we had 3 months of summer break. So, when I say, “I can’t believe it’s time to go back to school, already” I really can’t! It’s so hot in August. Summer is not over. And worst of all, there’s still plenty...
Posting Letters
Posting letters. I love the sound of those two words. It sounds so much more English than “mailing a letter.” I’m a romantic at heart and I love the thought of a postman carrying a satchel filled with postcards from all over the world. It’s sweet to...
Plan a Mother-Daughter Trip to Nashville
I received a very sweet gift for Mother’s Day from my daughter. She planned a trip to Nashville for the two of us on her two off days and… off we went. A Pun-Filled Trip This trip was priceless. We laughed, we learned and we...
Wishing and Wanting
“Momma, I want this outfit sooooooooo-0oooo bad,” I exclaimed on a shopping trip at about the age of 13. We were shopping for new school clothes, but not in our usual stores. We happened into Aland’s, a boutique shop in Eastwood Mall, of Birmingham, AL....
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