Hello, I'm Kim! Author, Wife, Mother, & Founder of Heart for Dixie.
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When you purchase something from Heart for Dixie, you are bringing a bit of southern roots and a whole lot of love into your home.

Heart for Dixie has two purposes. It is still dedicated to all southerners. But, it is also a beloved antique shop in Fairhope, Alabama; featuring minimalist, farmhouse and organic antiques. HFD will feature what we fondly like to call “White Trash Treasures” from time to time. These are items bound for the trash, salvaged and painted white, ultimately redesigned into someone’s treasure. A great way to recycle and reduce landfill waste!

There will be regular updates on what’s new in the shop. My trips to market will keep your homes fresh with a modern sense of southern hospitality.

Welcome to Heart for Dixie!

For the Love of Dixie

Featured articles to enhance your love and appreciation for southern flare, accents, decor & more.

Heart for Dixie Shop

Heart for Dixie offers high quality goods that provide beauty, comfort, function and simplicity at affordable prices.

Fresh New Finds in the Heart for Dixie shop!

In this ever-increasingly disposable age, we will continue to search the landscape for valuable pieces that you can cherish, even if it’s just for a little while.

Looking for Something Special?

Looking for a special find or unique gift? I can help you find just the right treasure. Let me know how I can help!

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Heart for Dixie Blog

Current Trends, Creative Decor, DIY Projects, Inspiration & More!

Calling all Retirees! Try This Quick Fall Squash Recipe
Summer Squash in a Fall Recipe Looking for a good squash recipe? In today’s market, whatever type squash you need is readily available to prepare a number of Fall Squash Recipes. Currently, you can choose fresh, frozen and in some cases fully prepared squash. Options...
For the Love of Stoneware
Stoneware with Modern Farmhouse I had forgotten how much I love stoneware, until a friend gave me some of hers for my Heart for Dixie booth. Her mom used to collect it and therefore had a few pieces to pass along. This stoneware cloche is...
White Trash Treasure Butler’s Table
This weeks White Trash Treasure is a Butler’s Table painted white for a quick and easy update. Here’s an example of what it looked like before. Somehow I’ve lost my before pictures. I sanded the whole table. Washed away the dust and then used my...
The 5 Senses of Modern Farmhouse Style
I am an eclectic at heart. Most likely due to my inability to narrow my focus to one style. I love them all!  I love all things French, English country, rustic and farmhouse and modern and traditional.  I grew up in a small house in...
How to Abide in His Love
This is the second edition of  S.O.A.P., the method I use for a daily devotion. Click on the above link to see details of this study.  What does it mean to “abide in His love?” Here is a snippet of what HE is teaching me. iridescent...
Grape Salad – The Food of Love
There were no sour grapes here! My niece is getting married in two weeks and we decided to shower her with gifts to fill her pantry. We celebrated young love, family and great food. New friendships were cultivated with the joining of these two families...
Pearls Go With Everything, Except Swine
Pearls-go-with-everything is a fairly well-known cultural belief here in the south. We love wearing them on our wedding day, with our jeans and flip flops and even our pj’s. They are the last thing to be removed before we lay our head on the pillow....
Running Late to a Funeral
I know you’ve heard the saying and may have even said this about me, ahem, cough, cough;  “She’ll be late to her own funeral!” There are those of us who, try as they might, still run late to social obligations. But, what about our own...
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