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How to Revive the Art of Storytelling

I have always loved a good story. My favorite question in the world asks, “Did you hear the one about…?” Southerners have been visiting with each other and telling tales since before fans were blowing over blocks of ice to keep us cool in the summer.

How to Love Difficult People

How to Love Difficult People

Down here in the heart of Dixie where our family and friendship roots run deep, you’d never dream that we sometimes have trouble getting along with each other. Forgetting the Hatfield clan with a patriarch by the name of “Devil Anse;” for the most part we are a civil society. Still, we do encounter people from time to time who are just hard to love. So how can we mind our manners and learn to love difficult people?

How to Take the Headache Out of Tipping

Mr. Dixie and I love to eat out. For the longest time, we had a favorite restaurant and with it, a favorite waitress. Her name was Anna and we loved her for many reasons. She was, of course, a great waitress, always getting our food and drinks in the most timely manner; but more than that, we loved Anna because she was engaging, funny and always remembered our names.

Yes Ma’am and No Sir

You can tell immediately when a child or young adult was raised in a southern home. To answer an adult with either “yes ma’am” or “no sir” demonstrates respect for authority and elders. 

Burning Art Rises Out of the Ashes

Buildings burned. Bricks from those 200-year-old structures were strewn down the block along with the hopes and dreams of a city losing it’s historical district. It seems that just when you think your ship has come in, it catches fire and sinks in the harbor.