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A Gentleman Doesn’t Cuss His Date in Public

J and I went to dinner tonight at the #2 restaurant on TripAdvisor’s list of restaurants in Fairhope, AL. We ordered a glass of wine and some eggplant fries and waited for our meal to arrive. This is a favorite place of ours, but we’d not been there in a long time. We were looking across the table into each other’s eyes talking about an exciting family event that is coming up the last weekend in March. We were planning meals we’d prepare, places to visit and where we would take our family out to dinner. It was a really nice date night. And then he sat down…

A Salute to Our Alabama Military History

This past weekend Jay and I visited The Grand Hotel for about the umpteenth time, but experienced something new that we didn’t know was happening right here in our backyard. We spent a wonderful weekend celebrating our birthdays, and ended up walking around the grounds of the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL.  We sat down in a swing to enjoy the view and the gorgeous weather, when a small troop of actors marched across the lawn toward us. We were in store for a very touching and educational salute to our Alabama military.

Neon Hearts

The Neon Life

My precious niece is leading a Discipleship Now retreat this weekend and the theme is “The Neon Life.” She asked several of our family members to send her a story of how we have experienced the light of Christ in our own lives.

Southern Ballerina

Happy Valentine’s Day for a Southern Heart

 Happy Valentine’s Day from Heart for Dixie

So are you staying in for a romantic dinner at home or going out on the town? Regardless, here are a few ideas from Heart for Dixie. A little pink, a little pasta with candlelight, fragrant flowers and a tulle skirt, will make your lady feel like a prima donna on this Valentine’s night.


Can You Pass the Southern Cornbread Test?

My grandmother did something that most southerners would say made about as much sense as tits on a bull. ;0 She made her cornbread in an aluminum cake pan. Horrors!!! Although, she may have never made her cornbread in a cast iron skillet, my nanny definitely passed the southern cornbread test.

Forgiving Your Abuser

February is the month of love and with it comes thoughts of warmth and thoughts of cold. Warm fires, warm hearts filled with love on special date nights are things we think of first in February. But for some, there are cold memories that bring up pure hatred of abusers  living with them now; or perhaps they are haunted by the memory of wicked acts performed against them in their past. Valentine’s Day can be a dreaded holiday or a favorite holiday. Allow me to introduce you to a strong, heroic woman who has learned that forgiving your abuser(s) helps to set you free.

couple reading

29 Days of Loving Your Spouse

My word of the year for 2016 is “relationships” and I have chosen a particular relationship to focus on each month. February is the month of love, so this month, I am focusing on my relationship with my husband. As I began to prepare for 29 days of loving my spouse, I discovered something great. These are suggestions that will work for a husband or a wife.