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Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald Museum

Those of you who know me best, know that I spend a heck of a lot of time traveling I-65 between Birmingham and Mobile. I have several stops chosen that are clean, safe and offer good lunch options; but, little did I know that there are also educational stops along the way, too. I found one of them recently at the Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, AL.

Weekend Getaway Fashions

I’m lucky enough to have a getaway this weekend to Charleston, SC. I have packed several outfits for the spring weather ahead. Here are a few examples of spring fashion that will be popular this year according to fashion weeks in Paris, London, New York and Milan. I’ve perused all the photos on PopSugar and put together some looks from the streets of these cities on Polyvore.

Meatloaf Soup

The first year of my marriage, I was very excited to prove my abilities in the kitchen to my new husband. As such, I brought many of my mama’s and my husband’s mom and grandmother’s recipes with us to Auburn, AL., where we were still in school. One of the first I decided to try was Mama’s Meatloaf.

Hush Puppies with Jalepeno

Hush Puppy!

There are many stories about how the hush puppy came into being. These delicious, fried cornmeal balls have been served in the south for centuries, but their origin is unconfirmed.

Hissy Fit

Pitchin’ a Hissy Fit

I’ve heard the phrase “hissy fit” all of my life. Most of the time, I’ve heard it used to refer to a woman who has an unreasonable temper tantrum. It’s also said here in the south that a woman doesn’t “have” a hissy fit, but she pitches or throws one.

Hippie Girl

Listen, He Speaks

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that there were times when the depression was almost unbearable. She is on her medication, she is praying, she is seeking ways to overcome.