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12 Girl Birthday Party Ideas

12 Girl Birthday Party Ideas

My children were like most. They were both miracles and as a way to praise God for their lives, each year we had a fun and creative birthday party. They were each fearfully and wonderfully created, so it was important to their dad and I that they knew it from day one. My daughter is now 25, and she has had at least 12 different themes throughout her birthday calendar.  Since entertaining is such a rich part of southern life, I wanted to share our ideas with you. 

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC

Our guide shared with us that there are over a million azaleas and camellias planted at Magnolia Plantation. Most of them were in bloom during a recent visit to Charleston, SC. The grounds were breathtaking, but one of my favorite parts of the tour happened while standing on the piazza before the tour even started.

Pride in My Grits

Who knew that grits were a healthy grain? I’ve cut down on carbs lately, so grits were on the “avoid” list until last Thursday. My sweet friend, Beth and I took a field trip to Wilsonville, AL to tour the grist mill owned and operated by McEwen & Sons. Why? Because like most southerners, I take pride in my grits and I want to prepare the freshest and healthiest possible. With a little research I discovered that Birmingham chefs like Frank Stitt, Chris Hastings and Clifton Holt serve McEwen & Sons Grits in their restaurants; so I scheduled an afternoon at Coosa Valley Milling & Hardware.