Hello, I'm Kim! Author, Wife, Mother, & Founder of Heart for Dixie.
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Kim Burdette

Author/Founder of Heart for Dixie

Launched in 2015, Heart for Dixie was originally a site dedicated to creative folks from all over the American South. It was dedicated to all who love southern food, southern music and football on Saturday. There have been series on fashion, southern folklore, photography from back roads and whistle stops alongside great recipes, all from a place called Dixie.

Heart for Dixie has evolved into a place where southern romanticism and sarcasm mingle with a modern love of fresh living. Sort of like a sarcastic romance between Old MacDonald and Jenny Curran from Forrest Gump.

Southern pride spreads far and wide, only with a more organic, free-spirited appearance.


When You Are Not Expecting Much.

Heart for Dixie has two purposes. It is still dedicated to all southerners. But, it is also a beloved antique shop in Fairhope, Alabama; featuring minimalist, farmhouse and organic antiques.

HFD will feature “White Trash Treasures” from time to time. These are items bound for the trash, salvaged and painted white, ultimately redesigned into someone’s treasure. A great way to recycle and reduce landfill waste!

There will be regular updates on what’s new in the shop. My trips to market will keep your homes fresh with a modern sense of southern hospitality.

You’ll get to play in the land of Dixie. Contests, giveaways and weekly specials will make it worth your while to stop by with your glass of sweet tea in hand. (Made with raw canesugar, of course!)

The Heart for Dixie Story

The mission of Heart for Dixie was born of Southern Pride & Dixie Soul

Police Dogs and Firehoses

After a visit to Oregon where a conversation about my Alabama roots led to the discussion of police dogs, fire hoses and marches that took place a half a century ago; I felt compelled to do my part to change the world’s perception of my beloved South. Although, the events of the civil rights era are historical fact and an atrocity I am NOT proud of; the South is a radically different place today and I want to use this blog to showcase the beauty of it’s people and landscape. After all, Mr. Oregon Man, I was barely 5 years old when those things happened.

I'm a Hippy from the 60's!

Well, sort of… I was born in the 60’s and loved wearing bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes, flowers in my hair and smock tops. (Daddy wouldn’t let me wear halters.) He was THE SMOKIE of all bears in the town where I grew up. Nothing got past him! Anyway, that’s a campfire chat for another day.

My favorite slang of the day was: “Groovy! Keep on Truckin’! and Far Out!”

I loved talking on Daddy’s CB radio and my handle was Madame Butterfly because my bedroom was covered in them. I collected salt and pepper shakers, my favorite color was yellow and I wanted to be Goldie Hawn when I grew up. Instead, I morphed into Shirley Jones, raising a couple of partridges, one of which is a writer in Los Angeles and the other raises organic pear trees in Birmingham. Sorry, princess. That was bogus-city! Keeping your gig under wraps.

I Wanted to Marry Bobby Sherman

I wanted to marry Bobby Sherman and my house would look like a mansion from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. My magical wardrobe was straight out of the JCPenney catalog because I’d never heard of Narnia.

In case you were wondering, since then I have lived life to the max!

I married an engineer of all engineers. I fell in love with his eyes and his brain, not his singing voice. (Sorry, Honey!) He is lovingly referred to on both of my blogs as 007. His initials are J. B. and he is quite the “Spy Who Loved Me.” I’ve visited mansions all over the world and have even decorated a few myself. My mother-of-the-groom dress came from Saks and my chronicles are recorded on this and one other blog.

You can see my work on CoziNest where I’ve been featured on Alabama Women Bloggers, #SoMe2 Social Media Network and BlogHer. I’ve had guest writers such as Javacia Harris Bowser, Debbie Phillips Hughett and Rhoda Vickers featured on my blog.

If you are a newcomer to HFD, a good place to start is with the interview with Jeff Cook of the super-country-music group, Alabama. After that, browse through recent posts to see the evolution of a sarcastic romance between farmers, hippies and white trash!

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P.S. I’m always looking for new features. Send me an email if you have a story/recipe/photo/fashion tip that would tell the tale of a beautiful woman over 50.

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