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How to Abide in His Love

This is the second edition of  S.O.A.P., the method I use for a daily devotion. Click on the above link to see details of this study.  What does it mean to “abide in His love?” Here is a snippet of what HE is teaching me.

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How to Abide in His Love

S – John 15:9 Just as the Father has loved (25) Me, I have also loved you; abide (3306) in My love (26).

O –  Loved: agapaō is to regard with strong affection. Abide: menō is to stay, dwell, endure, remain. To remain in or with someone, to be united with him, one with him in heart, mind and will. Love: agapē means affection, dear, specifically of God or of Christ.


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A – Jesus loves us like God loves Him. Because of the verse, “For God so loved the world…,” I’ve always thought first about the love God has for mankind. Of course, God loves Jesus, but, this verse teaches us where Jesus learned to love as well. Jesus first learned to serve, to teach, to suffer, and to die from His Father. Then HE taught us to do the same by serving others and suffering for Christ. Jesus knows the strong affection that our Father has for Him. He remains in His Father’s affection by doing HIS will. We are to do the same by serving Christ.

Abide in Love

The opposite of abide is to fade or disappear. To remain is to love. I recently read an article where the author spoke of 4 words that changed her life. Reduce me to love. Since that day, anytime I feel frustration or anger welling up in my spirit, I pray, Lord, reduce me to love. What a difference it has made in my attitude, my reactions and my relationships.

P – How would you meditate on this verse?

Meditate on This

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