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How to Build a Photo Backdrop for New Products

Photo Backdrop

I’m so excited to report that August has been a great month in the antique business! I owe a big, HUGE, thank you to 007 for helping me get there. He built the perfect backdrop so I could take photos of my new products.

Dinner and a Project

We went to dinner one night and I told him what I wanted to build over crab claws and Pinot Grigio. As soon as we paid the bill, he asked if I wanted to run by Lowe’s to get the materials. With that kind of momentum, I assure you I didn’t say no!

Walking through the lumber section, I found the perfect option for both CoziNest and Heart for Dixie products. It was a gray paneling measuring 4 x 8. We followed a very helpful employee to the saw in the back of the store and voilà! I had the perfect sizes before we paid for them.

Backdrop Supplies

Our happy helper cut 2 feet off of the top of a 4×8 piece of the paneling. Then, he cut that in half, giving me two pieces that were 2×6. Next he cut 2 feet off another 4×8 piece. So if you are following me, I now have:

2-2×6 pieces

1-4×6 piece

2 extra 2×4 pieces


After loading our panels on a cart, we wandered through Lowe’s gathering all the other materials we needed to finish the project. We decided we needed extra support to attach the hinges. But, I didn’t want it to be too heavy to move around, so we bought something similar to shoemold.

Materials Needed for Photo Backdrop

  • 1 4×6 piece of paneling
  • 2  2×6 pieces of paneling
  • 4 pieces of support material for hinge attachment
  • 6 hinges
  • drill
  • philips head screwdriver
  • nuts and bolts

Attaching support to backdrop

For the purpose of support, we added the shoemold to the back of the center piece and to one side of each of the side panels.

Measure Twice Cut Once

007 was careful to measure twice before attaching the supports. He wanted the hinges to be even across the three panels.

nuts and bolts

Finally, he attached the hinges with nuts and bolts. Those babies aren’t going anywhere!

New Product Photo Backdrop

Look what he did! I have my very own backdrop for my products!


The side panels close inward to make moving and storing it easier.

ready for photos

I promptly got busy with my first photo shoot! I’m such a big wheel.

butler's table

I had a Christmas in July sale on CoziNest, so this was my very first use of 007’s hard work. This picture was made with the bare concrete flooring showing. I got smarter the next time and used the extra pieces as my flooring.

Coal bucket

Check out my Stoneware post to see more of my beautiful backdrop in use. This took only a couple of hours to build and makes such a difference.  So, lovelies, next time you need a project completed, be sure to ask about it over crab claws and Pinot Grigio!

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Kim Burdette

Kim Burdette

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