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Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC

Our guide shared with us that there are over a million azaleas and camellias planted at Magnolia Plantation. Most of them were in bloom during a recent visit to Charleston, SC. The grounds were breathtaking, but one of my favorite parts of the tour happened while standing on the piazza before the tour even started.

Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation

As we began our tour, the gentleman sharing stories about the plantation said something very simple that resonated with me. It wasn’t what he said, but how he said it.

Laydees and gentlemen, plueese stay togethah as you tourah the grounds. And when you start up the starahs, be sure to watch yur step. The risah at the bottom is bit shortah than the othars, and we don’t want you to triiup.

His sweet southern drawl set the mood perfectly for the sights we would see while visiting Magnolia Plantation. It made me wish there were southern drawl language classes to revive the oldest of accents.

Red Bridge at Magnolia

This lovely red bridge crosses over Schoolhouse Pond and overlooks a small area of cypress trees. It is part of the original garden design that dates back to 1671.

The Bridges of Magnolia Plantation

white bridge

A romantic spot to stroll the grounds hand in hand.

magnolia bridge

The famous white bridge where lots of weddings take place. It’s my favorite photo of the entire trip.


Magnolia Path

I wondered if this path could lead to a time gone by.


Spanish moss drips from the trees and gorgeous flower beds line the banks of the Ashley River.


This gazebo dates back to circa 1840. What a lovely spot to exchange vows!

Magnolia Plantation Staircase

A grand entrance.

Backdoor Guests

Backdoor Guests are always best.

Azalea Blooms

The rich colors of azaleas were all over the plantation.

Container Gardens

Container gardens were placed sporadically along the pathways.

fuschia Azaleas

The combination of Spanish moss and bright pink azaleas were a breathtaking sight.  (Imagine this sentence from my tour guide.)

If you are planning a trip to Charleston, do not skip this plantation! And if possible, see it in the spring.

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Kim Burdette

Kim Burdette


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    May 22, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    Beautiful photos. I’d love to visit here and stroll across those bridges. As an educator, I’m curious about the one over Schoolhouse Pond. Perhaps there was once a school near the pond?

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