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educated woman in red dress

Make Your Valentine’s Dreams Happen

Do your Valentine’s dreams include finding a southern gentleman? They aren’t obsolete. Here are a few characteristics worth dreaming about and a few tips on how to catch their eye.

Dresses are red, my pumps are black. Pearls go with everything, especially an after-dinner cognac.

Red Dress

Southern gentleman are Valentine’s dream.

A true southern gentleman has a lovely southern drawl. Winston Churchill once said that there’s no sweeter sound than the voice of an educated southern woman. As a woman I have to add, that a man who speaks slow and uses lots of metaphors is the life of a backyard barbeque. He can tell a story like no other and whispers sweet somethings in the ear of his sweetheart.

Opening doors for others comes naturally for a southern gent. This characteristic has nothing to do with gender. It has everything to do with considering others more important than himself. He is generous. Gentlemen not only want their personal world to be a better place, but want to be part of the solution.

Momma’s teach their southern boys to appreciate the cook.  Saying grace and blessing the cook comes straight from having dinner at the family table. The effort made by the cook is more important than dietary needs. A mom, wife, family member or he himself will prepare his health requests, but he would never impose on another host or hostess to do so, unless asked. He eats what’s prepared and thanks the cook for making it. He doesn’t make a scene about allergies, but quietly asks the cook about ingredients privately.

Valentine’s Dreams include manners that make social events more fun. Having proper dinner table manners, being a good listener, and treating everyone the same or more important than himself, keeps every gathering light-hearted and fun.

 The tradition of family, patriotism and faith in God helps to keep priorities in order.

A southern man doesn’t know everything about everything, because… well he just doesn’t. He takes advice and offers it when asked.

Partaking of spirits doesn’t take the upper hand. He enjoys a cocktail with friends and an after-dinner cognac, but discipline prevents him from losing control and ruining the party.

Sound too good to be true? Perhaps.  But here’s a fun way to test your dreams.

A simple ensemble that includes a red dress and pearls say classy like nothing else.

educated woman in red dress

Order a cognac after dinner, let your thoughts and conversation drift toward the south.

An After-dinner Cognac


It’s where southern women can talk football in heels or the stock market in cowgirl boots.

Tulle Skirt with Boots
And if by chance, your Valentine’s dreams have already come true, here’s a few tips on how to tell him you love him.
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Kim Burdette

Kim Burdette

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