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Plan a Mother-Daughter Trip to Nashville

I received a very sweet gift for Mother’s Day from my daughter. She planned a trip to Nashville for the two of us on her two off days and… off we went.

nashville mural

A Pun-Filled Trip

This trip was priceless. We laughed, we learned and we lounged. We had a pun time together. Yep, it was a pun-filled trip. We looked for puns along the way and laughed at our own silliness.

We ate at a “hole in the wall,”

hole in the wall

chose “knot” to skip the garlic knots at a local pizzeria,

garlic knot

five points pizza
and found a spoon rest that said, “rest in grease,” that cracked us up.  The discovery of a sound machine with a snoring-shih-tzu as a lullaby kept us giggling long past our bedtime.

Really Entertaining Tours

We learned a bit of Nashville history during a fabulous walking tour where we found out exactly “who let the dogs out” and enjoyed great rooftop views from along Broadway Street.

acme feed and seed view to broadway

Cumberland River in Nashville
Our tour guide was named Ryan and he did a great job representing Nashville, as well as Really Entertaining Tours who employed him. Cute and appropriate name !

Really Entertaining Tours

Cute and appropriate tour guide.

Capital Building
Nashville, the capital city of Tennessee is where “Old Glory” got her name. Great timing on Ryan’s part to share this story just before Independence Day. You’ll have to book a walking tour to find out the story, though. I’m no spoiler! And…. it’s not near as much fun to Google it!

A Bowl Full of Sin

Five Daughters Nashville
After a rough, hot day of shopping on 12th Avenue, we stopped in and made ourselves eat a donut sundae at Five Daughters. It’s a tough life and yes, someone has to eat a sundae on Wednesday, so we volunteered. The shoppe could have been a bit cooler. HVAC may have needed servicing or perhaps it was the body heat of all the patrons who LOVE this place! Yes, the bowl was made out of a donut. I’ve never had ice cream with a donut before. It seems like a sin that would damn me to Hell where my ice cream would melt, but hey, there was a strawberry!

Nashville Murals

Just in case you haven’t noticed there’s a new watermark on Heart for Dixie’s photos. I have a new photographer. She is most creative and does a fantastic job. We had such fun working together. I found her prices very affordable if you need a photographer. I highly recommend her. Her name is Amy and she is also my daughter.

Amy Renee Photography
It’s funny to photograph her in front of a painting that she could paint herself. Art is her thang!

There are so many murals around town. We made it to several, but truly didn’t scratch the surface. I had no idea that Nashville was so artsy! Other than music, of course.


Sweet Home Draper James

And then, my daughter named Amy, took me to the sweetest, most charming, southern boutique that my biscuit-of-a-butt has ever entered. We dared to grace the floors of  Draper James. The one and only store in Nashville that Reese Witherspoon ever got gussied up in! It’s a store for people who love the south! It’s a store imagined and created by none other than “Melanie Carmichael”! I didn’t want to leave. Yep, they had me at, “Would you like a sweet tea while you shop?”

dj sweet tea

That would be a “YES, pretty please!”

They told us that the interior of the store is a copy of Reese’s home. Fresh, airy, blue, white and filled with charm of every nature. Charm of the “sweetie pie” kind and of the “belly achin” kind. They are all concocted in the same southern kitchen, you know.

Every southern table has a few books scattered for devouring and a bowl of fruit to contemplate.

Stand tall, all you southern boys! Sunflowers are your example to follow. Face the Son, and don’t forget that you know better! You know how to bring sunshine into the life of a southern woman. Come home with wildflowers, laughter, and a little sugar.

hello sugar

draper james

And when in doubt about the hard questions of life…. ask…

But, sometimes when quoting Dolly, the saying “Do as I say, not as I do,” is more appropriate. Dolly also says that you’d be “surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!” Reese never looked cheap a day in her life.

dj gingham dress

cherries on top

Tell Me Something Good

tell me somethin good
So…. let me tell you something good. Nashville is fun. Fizu, I’d plan a trip with your daughter. And don’t forget what Winston Churchill said, “The most beautiful sound in the world is the voice of an educated southern woman.” I could listen to my daughter talk all day long. Especially when she ends the conversation with, “Happy Momma’s Day!”

Thank you, Sweetie Pie!

amy dj shopping bag
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Kim Burdette

Kim Burdette

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