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New Scarf Pins in Fairhope

Say the word scarf in the south and you could be talking about scarfing down your biscuits on the way out the door;   OR..    You could be shopping for a drape to cover your “naked as a jailbird” shoulders. In the small town of Fairhope, AL, we have lots of shopping choices and all with the latest and greatest chochkies. I found one such (well two actually) chochkies recently at The Colony Shop. If you count the silk cami, then it was actually three… Oh wait…this post is about scarf pins. The silk cami will might be later.

The Colony Shop

What I love about The Colony Shop is the variety of styles they have. Every southern girl or southern-girl-wanna-be, can find something in this shop no matter what her style. If you like ruffles and lace, you’ll find it, if linen is your thang, or jeans with plaid shirts; there’s no need to get your knickers in a knot, because The Colony Shop has all your favorites.

My treasure this trip was two abstract-art scarf pins. I’ve not seen them anywhere else. In fact, I went looking for scarf pins in the big department stores recently, and I was told by the sales clerk, “I haven’t seen scarf pins in years!” As if I’m so out of fashion that scarf pins are no longer in style!!! Well, this southern belle would love to put on her cowgirl boots and go kick some sales clerk butt, now! Of course, I’d wear my pearls with my scarf and new pin and bless her heart while kicking her butt… however…. I digress…

Abstract Art Scarf Pins

Abstract Art Triangle Scarf Pin

I loved mine so much, that I got my daughter one, too. She got to choose which one she liked and she chose the one below because it reminded her of the treble symbol in music.

Abstract Art Treble Scarf Pin

Pink Scarf with Abstract Art Pin

There are so many different ways to wear these pins, but I started with a simple drape over the shoulder.

Safari and Polka Dots

I can’t wait to wear my polka dots with something a bit safari-ish.

Wine, glasses and Ice bucket

I loved how snazzy the silver looks with gold.

Gold, Wine and Abstract-Art Pin

Wine, music and warmth.

Italian Scarves

French Urn with Scarf Pin

This scarf came from Italy on a recent family trip. I’ve draped it over a French Urn, to give it all a European feel.

New Scarf Pins in Fairhope

The pins look great with bright colors!

Italian Scarf, Hat and Pin

 Another scarf from Italy, tied around a hat and pinned.

Angel, Animal Print & Pin

Sweet innocence added to animal print.

A pair of abstract-art scarf pins staged with different chochkies from around the globe.  A fresh new, European look and I never left my hometown. So if you’re fixin’ to get gussied up for a night out and have a hankerin’ for something new, be sure to stop in at The Colony Shop. Tell them Heart for Dixie sent you.

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Kim Burdette

Kim Burdette


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    May 31, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    I want a scarf pin Kim! So cool!!! Love this post, very clever 🙂

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