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What’s in a Name? How to Choose Your Southern Antique Business Name

How to Choose Your Antique Business Name

Opening an antique booth in your local mall includes choosing your antique business name. This article is part of a series on “How to Plan for and Open an Antique Business”. Read on CoziNest how I chose that name, as well.

Begin with Branding

This is a very helpful checklist to get you started building your own brand. It is possible to build it yourself and save money.


Business Nickname

Keep in mind as you choose your business name, that at some point you may use a nickname, initials or acronym. For instance, I refer to my CoziNest Antiques & Decor booth as Cozi. This Heart for Dixie antique booth is simply H-F-D. Be sure you approve of what the acronym looks like before settling on the business name.




Part of building a brand includes choosing a tagline that describes your brand in just a few words. Heart for Dixie is all about the South, so I chose:

All Southern – All the Time

Farm Fencing

More Tips for Choosing the Name of Your Business

Whether you think of your rental as a space or booth or a “boothtique” like I call mine, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How do you think of your space? Does it remind you of a designer closet, a pantry, reading nook or boutique.
  2. Are you located in an antique mall or flea market?

Antique boutique is also a cute reference, but keep thinking of your future.

  1. Keep the style/inventory/branding/logo in mind as you brainstorm names.
  2. If you want to honor a person/town/state/country/region jot that down.

In my case, because I love the South I wanted my business name to honor my home. You can read more details on the About Page, of how this name originated. My desire is to build a progressive business with a nod to the past; keeping history in the rearview mirror while moving forward with traditions and culture to make all southerners proud.

Rustic Barn

Heart for Dixie’s Farmhouse Style

Heart for Dixie is the name I settled on and I couldn’t be happier with it. One bonus is that the URL has grown in value should I ever decide to sell it. Be sure to keep that in mind, as well. Your name could be worth a lot of money some day.

Naturally, my love of the south included farmhouse design and that has become the main focus of my inventory. As styles change, I will adjust, but it’s funny that each decor phase keeps a bit of its history. Farmhouse has a modern hint of Early American from the 60’s, Country from the 90’s, Cottage from the 80’s and then English Country of the 70’s. The name of the design may change, but each era keeps a touch of the decades before.

Inventory and Decor

I also choose farmhouse decor because of the farms in my region. There is rich farmland throughout the south, and in Alabama in particular. I love the inventory I offer that tells a story of hospitality, culture, southern food, faith, tradition and coastal decor.


Pig Chefs


Dessert Cloche

Functionality is important, too because it is hard work maintaining a farm! I offer items for storage, serving great food, and welcoming guests into our homes.

kneading dough

One of the ways I decided what to sell in my booth stemmed from an old southern saying. Pearls go with everything was inspiration for the jewelry lines I keep in stock. Everything has some sort of pearls.  My displays include things like screen doors, old ladders, ivy covered lattices and white shutters.

What's in a name

The beams across my booth are covered in cotton garland and vases are filled with hydrangeas and lambs ear.



Once you decide on a name and brand, the rest seems to fall into place. Keeping my business name at the center of my display and inventory choices keeps the brand on target. How can I help you decide on your business name? Leave a comment and I’ll give it a good ole southern shot.

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Kim Burdette

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