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A True Southern Gentleman is Never the Victim

A True Southern Gentleman

A true southern gentleman possesses several qualities. He is well-mannered, has a firm handshake and a great sense of humor. He is friendly, doesn’t use profanity in the presence of a lady and knows how to make those around him feel special. And he is never the victim. Add to this the ability to bring life to a blank canvas and you have just been introduced to John Witzel Walters.

Pride in My Grits

Who knew that grits were a healthy grain? I’ve cut down on carbs lately, so grits were on the “avoid” list until last Thursday. My sweet friend, Beth and I took a field trip to Wilsonville, AL to tour the grist mill owned and operated by McEwen & Sons. Why? Because like most southerners, I take pride in my grits and I want to prepare the freshest and healthiest possible. With a little research I discovered that Birmingham chefs like Frank Stitt, Chris Hastings and Clifton Holt serve McEwen & Sons Grits in their restaurants; so I scheduled an afternoon at Coosa Valley Milling & Hardware.

Can You Pass the Southern Cornbread Test?

My grandmother did something that most southerners would say made about as much sense as tits on a bull. ;0 She made her cornbread in an aluminum cake pan. Horrors!!! Although, she may have never made her cornbread in a cast iron skillet, my nanny definitely passed the southern cornbread test.

Love of the South Influences Award-winning Artist

Award Winning Artist, Bill Thompson

At an early age William Thompson had a strong interest in nature and design and loved to draw and paint.  He attended the University of Alabama and in 1970 received a degree in Engineering and a minor in Art.  After a very successful career in aerospace which included design of both aircraft and interplanetary spacecraft he moved on to pursue his artistic passion.

Love of the South Influences Award-winning Artist