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Peace Sign

The 5 Senses of Modern Farmhouse Style

I am an eclectic at heart. Most likely due to my inability to narrow my focus to one style. I love them all!  I love all things French, English country, rustic and farmhouse and modern and traditional.  I grew up in a small house in a small town where my momma was also an eclectic. Our living room was formal Spanish, our den very casual Early American and my bedroom had painted furniture and bright colored fabrics.  But, the modern farmhouse style is one I have tried to incorporate into some rooms in my home. All because of Joanna Gaines and my 5 senses.

Modern Farmhouse Style

My current obsession is something I call modern-hippy-farmhouse. I love mid-century modern mixed with the bright colors of the hippy movement in the 60’s.  Current trends include growing our own food, living clean and simple, and neutral colors.  So, it makes perfect sense to me to blend retro with farmhouse and accent with bright hippy style and colors. In fact, what I love best about my new-old hippy style is how it works so well with neutral colors and textures.  Styles change so quickly, that using a neutral background with a few bright, fun accents keeps our home up to date.

Peace Van

Our Home Styles Through the Years Were So NOT hippy-chic!

Here are a few photos of our homes throughout the 90’s and 00’s. I wasn’t into photography at the time and I’m sure some of these were taken with a point and shoot camera. I apologize for the quality, but I’m making a point.

Decor through the years

Symmetrical Mantle from the year 2000. Family together, but without the signs or pillows.


00's Dining Room

Burgundy walls in Dining Room. Dark woods still in style, but leaning toward painted furniture.

Safari Mantle Decor

The Safari Trend

Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Decor


Wallpaper Border

Nautical theme with wallpaper border. My favorite son, enjoying his favorite pastime.

Foyer from 1990's

Large mirror with symmetrical traditional decor.


Living room

Large TV Armoire, tapestry fabric from the 00’s.

Living Room Into Kitchen

Safari mixed with black and white kitchen.

I’ve learned in my 50+++ years that keeping a neutral background is essential for keeping up with trends. Paint, fabric on furniture and even rugs in basic colors of white, beige, gray or navy leave innumerable options for accents. I wish someone had encouraged this in my 30’s when my interest in decorating began. Oh, the money I would have saved!!!

So now, on to Modern Farmhouse through our natural senses.

Sense #1 Touch

The feel of a modern farmhouse decor is warm, welcoming, current and comfortable.

comfy chair with pillow

I love the textures of this room. Stone, wood, soft fabric and pillows. Even the wood chairs have cushions. It’s simple, pretty and relaxed.

Sense #2 Look

Blending simple with function sums up the look. Instead of location, location, location; it’s function, function, function!

Modern Farmhouse Wall Shelf


Sense #3 Sounds

What sounds do you hear in your modern farmhouse? Do you hear the laughter and giggles of children, a playlist of modern country music or a distant mooing? Are you awakened every morning by a crowing rooster? Or is it possible that your modern farmhouse is actually in a city townhouse with street noises and 1970’s rock and roll?

record player


Sense #4 Smell

Essential oils, incense, candles and the smell of homemade cookies are what I imagine in a modern farmhouse. But, if you want to add a touch of whimsy/hippy to the environment, how about a Peace Sign made out of Rosemary from your herb garden?

Rosemary Peace Sign


Peace Sign

Or a simple peace sign in your decor?

And finally Sense #5 Taste

Homemade Jams and Jellies

Most things in a modern farmhouse are simple, homemade without preservatives and very fresh. Even if you don’t make it yourself, we’ve all come to love local farmer’s markets where you find so much more than produce.

So, instead of “letting your fingers do the walking”, (remember that?!?) let your senses do the leading.

Follow your nose!

Listen to the sound of the falling rain.

Taste and see that it is good!

Feel the difference!

Start with a plan to alleviate costs. One sense at a time. One room at a time. As always, I encourage you to shop local! And to add that special touch of farmhouse industrial, shop antique stores to find interesting tools and architecture. One in particular… the home of Heart for Dixie.

Southern Antiques & Accents

254 S Greeno Rd,

Fairhope, AL 36532

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