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Welcome to Heart for Dixie!

I’m Kim and I created this little southern region of cyberspace as a gathering place for those who love the modern American South. After hearing our beloved region blasphemed and misinterpreted for most of my life, I decided to create a place where southerners can share their progress and creativity with the rest of the world.
Live Music Back in Baby’s Arms, My Return to Country Music - I recently went on a trip to Nashville, TN. It is a city filled with neon signs, batman buildings and rich history. The outlying towns of Franklin and Spring Hill Continue Reading

An All-Inclusive Site

Heart for Dixie is a place of pride, entrepreneurship, hospitality and friendship. This is an all-inclusive site for all powerful, southern voices to share their talent and show the world what TRUE grace, warmth and love look like.

Heart for Dixie - Dogwood Trail Maids

What to Expect on Heart for Dixie

You can expect articles about great chefs that focus on cuisine natural to specific regions. Recipes from almost-forgotten family treasures will get you out of that drive-thru line and back in your kitchen!

You will find artists who capture southern landscapes perfectly; and musicians that tell our story with southern slang and tunes carried very well in that bucket you hear so much about.

Bill Thompson Nawlins Harmonica

Monthly features will include designers – both fashion and interior, to keep you and your home beautiful and traditionally southern. Fashion designs will highlight fabrics that we southern women need to get through southern summers – glistening, but gorgeous. Impeccable interiors will be displayed across these walls from brilliant men and women who grew up proud, southern and born to design.

Tieler James Fashion

There will be prolific storytellers and everything in between. The purpose is to feature southerners who have not forgotten their southern roots, even if they’ve been transplanted outside the Mason-Dixon line. We will showcase the kindnesses, good manners and creative genius of our traditions. Things that set us apart from the rest of the world.
Woodlawn Movie
Two of the things that set us apart are our faith and our football. Both are religions down here below the Mason Dixon line and I will share posts about my faith and all of our favorite teams in Dixie.
If you are a writer and would like to be a guest blogger in any of these categories, I welcome fresh ideas and fresh content. Again, welcome to Heart for Dixie! I know you love her as much as I do or you wouldn’t be here!